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Fallen - Steam Game

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About Fallen

About this game

A Challenging and Fun Platformer

Story of a Father who is in search of his son who has fallen in a cave. Story involves three worlds (1)Cave (2)Spooky (3)Jungle. You play as Father and fight with monsters,ghosts and deadly animals to save your son and the game also includes epic boss battles.This game has also local multiplayer which can be played upto four players.


Steam Trading Cards
Steam Achievements
Controller Support
Story Rich Single Player
Many Dangerous Enemies
Epic Boss Battles
Seven Local Multiplayer Modes
50+ Multiplayer Maps
Many Hours Of Fun

There are seven multiplayer modes in fallen.Each mode contain its own unique maps.

Multiplayer ​modes

1.bat Hunting
​2.head Hunters
3.last Man standing
4.king Of the Hill
5.death Race
6.ground Control
7.pick That Pumpkin

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