Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

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About Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

About this game

Developed by 14° East and published by Bethesda.

Step into a tactical squad-based game set in the Fallout universe, and become part of the unwavering brotherhood in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel!


In this classic, you'll jump into the same wasteland from the Fallout franchise. Fight for the people in the wastelands, keep your squadmates close, and make use of the Brotherhood of Steel's firepower to bring justice and order to the land.


The Brotherhood of Steel will make something out of you, even if they have to beat it into you. You either learn to bend, or you break, but in this title, you are part of them, and you — and your brotherhood — is all that stands between the rekindled flame of civilisation and the endless, unforgivable radiated wasteland.

Inspire the Lowly and Protect the Weak

Take your weapons with you everywhere, as it's your first and last line of defence. Use them to protect the weak and realign the wretched! As for the battle — your squadmates should be more dear to you than your own kin; keep them safe, and you might just make it through.

Game Details

Release Date:
August 19, 2009
14° East
Bethesda Softworks
ESRB rating of 17
PEGI rating of 16
USK rating of 16
Supported Languages:
English +
Steam Deck Support:
Play Style:
Steam Cloud

Product Requirements

  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: Pentium 400Mhz
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Graphics: SVGA
  • DirectX®: 7
  • Hard Drive: 1,650 MB
  • Sound: DirectSound

Critic Reviews

70 / 100
"It's simply too frenetic in spots for some tastes. Still, that's a fairly minor quibble with what is undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable strategy offerings of the year thus...
80 / 100
"An innovative game with a long single player campaign filled with loads of detail and fun gameplay."
91 / 100
"A very enjoyable game with an intriguing storyline, a captivating environment, and engrossing gameplay."
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