Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015

Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015
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About Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015

About this game

Be your own boss! Enjoy your new career at an authentic farm repair service with Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015. This game gives you a fascinating insight into life of a countryside mechanical facility. Prepare yourself for big adventures with big machines. It's better than reality!

• Work on many different farm machines including tractors and harvesters
• Do over 80 unique repairs such as brakes, transmission, engine, special equipment, etc.
• Interact with the owners of farm machines seeking repairs
• Order parts and materials necessary to maintain your inventory
• Keep the costs low by buying used parts to run a profitable business
• Purchase repair manuals to enable you to work better, faster and earn more money

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August 27, 2016

Lets Play Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015 Episode 1

January 30, 2017
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