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Felix The Reaper - Supporter Pack

Felix The Reaper - Supporter Pack
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About Felix The Reaper - Supporter Pack

About this game

This is a collection of goodies for all our field reapers who want to show their support for the developers of Felix The Reaper.

Behind the scenes material from the game's development process, the full game soundtrack, wallpapers in 4K and for your mobile device, plus a "print your own" Felix mask!

And on top of that: The digital "Felix Dance Guide" so you can get your moves on, just like Felix himself!

What do I get as a supporter today?

  • The full Felix The Reaper Soundtrack
  • The "print your own" Felix mask
  • A variety of 4K wallpapers
  • A variety of mobile wallpapers

What will I get in the near future? (Ready within the next 4 weeks)

  • The digital artbook
  • The digital "Felix Dance Guide

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