Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood
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About Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

About this game

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood is a cartoon-style third-person shooter. You take the role of a last-standing hard-boiled Legionnaire taking on an entire rebel army.

A small campaign with various objectives, such as defending civilians, escorting a tourist bus and a mass-chicken-murder map. The game includes a ranking system that allows you to unlock new outfits, accessories and of course new weapons.

Key features:

  • 18 Various Steam achievements: Try to win Chicken Slaughter (killing all the chickens) and Damage Control (sparing all the civilians) in the same game!
  • Fill your buckets with blood by causing suicide bombers to explode prematurely or shoot gory head shots!
  • A dynamically evolving soundtrack that reacts to your actions!
  • A complete arsenal of weapons, including personal air-raid support to slaughter attacking hordes at once.
  • A broad range of difficulty with action-packed fun for both casual and veteran players!

YouTube Videos

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July 11, 2012
Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood Walktrough #2
November 24, 2012
Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre - City
April 25, 2022
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