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About Frostpunk

About this game

Prepare for one of the most challenging, yet addictive society survival Steam PC games with your Frostpunk Steam PC key, the brand-new title from the creators of This War of Mine. With this strategy sim, you must show true leadership and strategy skills when pushed to the brink of extinction.

What decisions will you make to ensure the survival of your society? What will you do when pushed to the limit?

In an entirely frozen world, players are tasked with ruling the last surviving city on Earth, developing steam-powered technology to face the overwhelming cold. You’ll need to manage both citizens and the infrastructure they live in.
Be sure to optimize your city with the correct resource management whilst dealing with empathy, morality and thoughtful decision-making.

Survival is about hope and the will to live. Your ability to spark and maintain them both in your people will be a deciding factor in your success. Citizens will come to you with problems, ideas and potential solutions – and how you respond will affect their hope levels.

Establish laws that regulate the existence of your growing city. Decide on their working routine, healthcare, food provision and other crucial aspects of everyday life. Maintain their hope and contentment – the moral condition of your society is as important as securing the basic means to keep them fed and safe.
Failure to keep your people happy will see the hope bar decrease and discontentment rise.

Some of your decisions will seem small – like deciding the fate of a troubled citizen or meeting the demands of a newborn faction – but be aware that the sum of your doings can lead to unexpected results. Your people put their faith in you, but their devotion is not limitless. Leadership can be a burden.

The world has slowed down in technological progression due to the deadly arctic conditions, it’s time to relight the fires and build a better world. React to current events, but don’t forget about the long term and investing in development and technological progress.
Providing a highly advanced infrastructure with self-powered automatons, airships and other technical wonders is difficult, but achievable. It all depends on your management and leadership skills.

New London is your home, your place of ruling… but there is much more to the world than what lies within the limits of your city. Expeditions are risky but can bring you valuable intel, precious supplies and grow your society’s population. There may be people out there, and their fate lies solely in your hands.

You'll also get to experience Frostpunk's free post-launch update content including:

  • Survivor Mode - Survivor update is bringing a brand new challange for those of you who have mastered the surviving techniques - even on the hardest difficulty setting.
  • People & Automatons - Basic customization options for naming citizens and automatons, as requested by the community.
  • 'The Fall of Winterhome' - A story-driven brand new scenario, that offers hours of new content and fresh take of Frostpunk's mechanics. Its narrative unveils the events preceding those in the main campaign and tells what had happened in the town of Winterhome just before catastrophe struck.
  • New game mode: Endurance - A major request from the community was to implement some kind of endless or sandbox mode, and this mode is a distinctive take on those ideas.
  • Winter Snapshots - A special photo/screenshot tool so you can snap some icy, intense pics of New London.


  • Diplomacy, leadership and strategy.
  • ’Very Positive’ rated Steam PC game.
  • Addictive city-building, survival gameplay.
  • Different scenarios and future updates with new content.

YouTube Videos

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February 26, 2014
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Frostpunk!! under rated game in my opinion..
June 28, 2021

Critic Reviews

Critic Review Score  
(103 Reviews)
Reviews provided by OpenCritic
89 / 100
"Frostpunk is a stressful, stylish, and addictive survival management game filled with incredibly difficult choices."
9 / 10
"Frostpunk deftly mixes a variety of thematic ideas and gameplay elements into an engaging and unique, if occasionally unintuitive, strategy game."
"A thrilling but thin survival twist on the city builder genre, oozing dark charisma and political dilemmas."

User Ratings & Reviews

What are users saying about Frostpunk?

User Rating

Average score from 15 ratings
87% of users would recommend this.

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Posted: 1 month ago
Verified purchase
has to be one of the hardest most challenging games ive ever played money well spent
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Not Recommended

Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
Quite a bit overhyped, this game is. Fails to be engaging, or hold one's interest in the long-term.
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Steamy Decisions matter in Frosty Times

Balls O'Fyre
Posted: 4 months ago
Verified purchase
Frost Punk does a fine job in immersing the player in the role of the leader of a motley group of Londoners attempting to survive a frozen holocaust in an alternative steam-punk Victorian era turned ice-age. The basic concept of an end-of the world scenario where you control the remnants of a civ is not new, but Frost Punk manages to feel fresh, exciting and different. The writing is well done, the voice acting and music generally excellent, the graphics top notch. Best of all, the game design is logically thought out, and there is lots to do as you attempt to make hard decisions in a near impossible world. How much work will you heap on the little kids to keep everyone alive? Go too far, and people will revolt sooner or later. Toss the sick to their icy deaths, let them sit around and eat, or lavish huge gobs of attention to them to try to get more bodies on line to work? You have to deal with stuff like this all the time, and it's seldom easy, and there is really no "right" answer....it's about balancing your needs, trying to desparately think ahead, and keep just enough people satisfied to keep the little colony somewhat functional. Who knew coal was so vital? It's a swell little game with tons of social depth. It's largest weakness is probably replayability, but it's super worth the price, realistic feeling, exciting, fun, and challenging. And very chilly.
Did you find this review helpful?

Frostpunk Review

Sam Jones
Posted: 5 months ago
Staff Review
Surviving in harsh wintry conditions is a daunting task, yet Frostpunk takes that challenging environment and makes it interesting, with multiple conditions to consider when becoming a successful city ruler. You'll find your feet pretty quickly and, from there, it's a very addictive game!
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