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Fruits Inc. Deluxe Pack

Fruits Inc. Deluxe Pack
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About Fruits Inc. Deluxe Pack

About this game

From Manifesto Game Studio, this version contains both Fruits Inc.1 and Fruits Inc.2!

About the game:

Fruits Inc stars Brooke, a young business student who suddenly gets the opportunity to work at her grandmother’s farm. While there is only one mode with 45 levels, the game takes players into consideration who prefer a slower pace. It is possible to beat any level in gold, silver or bronze time, but it is impossible to fail and finishing a level quicker does not give any specific advantages for future levels.

Fruits inc.2:
Brooke and Luke finally got married, and now it's time to get back to work. The plan is to stop in all kinds of places and find new partners to expand Fruits Inc. Their journey begins near their house and goes to the big city. To meet the demand for fruits and related products they need to create sixty new farms with their business partners. Embark on this journey and help them expand Fruits Inc beyond current limits. Be the great mind behind the most impressive fruit company in the history of mankind!

60 challenging levels that take you through the country
26 achievements and a trophy room where you can enjoy your accomplishments
4 fruits and 3 product varieties with customizable packaging and labels
5 beautiful sceneries with their own challenges
Gorgeous art with amazing illustrations

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