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Furi - Onnamusha

Furi - Onnamusha
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About Furi - Onnamusha

About this game

The new fighter, new skills, new challenge!

Rediscover Furi with the Onnamusha Rider: a powerful fighter that alternates between two stances: fast and agile or slower but lethal, until she's able to unleash the devastating power of the Star.

A completely unique and redefining way to play Furi!

Critic Reviews

100 / 100
"Very possibly the best action game of this generation thus far, this is a rare example of every facet of a game's design working perfectly to create an amazing whole. This is...
80 / 100
"Furi has a brilliant combat system based on the player's reflexes and his ability to memorize the enemy's attack pattern. Moreover, Takashi Okazaki's boss design is captivating...
86 / 100
"A stylish mix of bullet hell and deft swordplay, Furi is only held back by rare bugs and poorly designed difficulty spikes."
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