Gadgeteer (Quest VR)

Gadgeteer (Quest VR)
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About Gadgeteer (Quest VR)

About this game

This game is for Oculus/Meta Quest & Quest 2 VR devices, and will be redeemed via your associated Facebook/Meta/Oculus account. Full redemption instructions can be found here.

Gadgeteer is a physics-based VR puzzle game where you build chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles. Your machines will use gadgets to launch, bump, twist, and turn—creating chain reactions that may even end up tearing apart the fabric of space-time.  Prepare your wits because you'll need them to build your masterpiece!  

PUZZLE MODE: Solve 60 physics puzzles in endless ways.  

MAKER MODE: Build your dream machine without any rules but the rules of physics. When you're done, share your masterpiece or experience the engineering marvels of others.  Design your own puzzles and upload them online with Puzzle Designer. Access 40 additional gadgets inspired by Rube Goldberg machines.  

ONLINE SHARING: Infinite replayability with lots of depth. Access unlimited community-made puzzles in Online Sharing.   


- Chain together ~100 unique gadgets to build your crazy machines. 

- Create, clone, paint, and destroy with 4 powerful toolheads.

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June 08, 2020

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December 12, 2020
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