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Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part One

Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part One
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About Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part One

About this game

Join with the gods of Greek legend to bring peace to an ancient world that's on the brink of war! As Hellas descends into chaos, a bright light shines down from above to illuminate the sea below. Within its brilliance appears Poseidon, who has a mission for you: United with him and the other gods to save your world.

Your quest will take you on a matching journey packed with hours of addictive fun. Create chains of shimmering tokens to remove obstacles and collect magical items that will aid you in your expedition. Enlist the help of the gods to clear game boards faster. And enjoy diversions along the way, such as puzzle boards that will challenge your mind.

The entire experience is wrapped in a dazzling visual and audio package. Your eyes will pop as your screen lights up with a fiery display after you create a long chain or unleash a bonus that wipes out half the game board. And you'll be treated to an exotic original soundtrack as you play levels and behold the underwater realm you've brought to life.

Play Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part One today to explore untouched realms of adventure!

Key features:
• Complete dozens of captivating levels
• Enjoy a story of boundless adventure
• Create a stunning underwater world
• Solve specially designed puzzle boards
• Unlock exciting bonuses and achievements

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