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Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold
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About this game

The most ferocious online conflict of the 21st century is now available in its most definitive form: introducing Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold, the largest multiplayer FPS collection ever. With the award-winning Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and the bestselling Joint Operations: Escalation together in one convenient package, it's easier than ever to join the world record setting large scale modern warfare that critics have called "extremely intense," and "an absolute blast." (PC Gamer)

  • Play in games of up to 150 players online via the all-new, blazing fast NovaWorld network, or host up to 64 player games on LAN
  • Experience the most premium connections and sophisticated anti-cheat technology available with THREE MONTHS FREE NovaWorld Gold premium service included with purchase
  • Battle over 30 unique, breathtaking and massive multiplayer levels across the diverse environments of Indonesia, from chemical weapons factories to ancient jungle ruins
  • Choose your specially-skilled class of warrior from 7 different authentic fighting forces
  • Crush your enemies with 35 fully drivable war machines, from M-1 battle tanks to LCAC amphibious assault hovercraft and Black Hawk helicopters

YouTube Videos

Joint Operations RADMod: (No Commentary)

April 09, 2022

Joint Operations - Typhoon Rising Co-op Gameplay -...

March 05, 2021

Joint Operations: Escalation Operation Breakwater...

October 09, 2021
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