Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room

Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room
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About Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room

About this game


Play alone or in a team of up to 6 players! In first-person view, explore and gather clues that will help you to solve the puzzles of the room. As you solve puzzles, you unravel story bits and gets closer from the exit.
Challenge yourself with the 60-min time limit, or take your time and play in Relax mode with unlimited time!


Interact and examine with dozens of objects to uncover the secrets of the rooms.

Chapter 1: The Library

Locked in the Cheshire Institute, Hildegarde used to go to the Cheshire Library to get more knowledge about the world. She discovered unique secrets and met with interesting new characters...

Chapter 2: The Dorm Room

Is Hildegarde alone is the Institute? What are these strange things happening at night? Hildegarde thinks she may have finally found a way to escape this place

Chapter 3: Secret Room

This chapter will put an end to the story of Hildegarde. Will she find a way? Will someone help her?

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