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Mahjong Nagomi

Mahjong Nagomi
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About Mahjong Nagomi

About this game

Authentic Japanese Mahjong has arrived!

This isn't solitaire where you match tiles, this is the classic game. Authentic Japanese Mahjong is played with 4 players and full online multiplayer support is included. It's the most popular table game in Japan and now you can play online with your friends.

The interface is polished and includes all the bells and whistles. There are 3D tiles with refined and realistic movements and actions. A variety of local rules from around Japan are available with detailed settings. Background music has been chosen to boost the atmosphere.

There are two modes, Single Player and Online Multiplayer, so you can enjoy a game that suits your playing style.

■ Single Player Mode
Play against 3 AIs.
This is the best mode for training and developing your strategies.

■Online Multiplayer Mode
You can play exciting games with players all over the world.
This mode is perfect for people who have confidence in their skills.

■Voice support to build excitement!
Feel the tension and the passion with cries of joy and other audio effects.
Voiced scoring option to enhance the experience and create a tournament feel.

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