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MoonBase Commander

MoonBase Commander
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About MoonBase Commander

About this game

Explore, strategize and conquer in top-down strategy action with MoonBase Commander. With this Steam PC key, you'll be in charge of your own lunar territory in a quest to build the most powerful empire in space. 

In the far future, Mankind has nearly exhausted all of the Earth’s natural resources. Fragile alliances between nations are tested to their limits as fierce wars ignite across land and space.

Find, exploit and utilize valuable energy pools to eliminate rival factions. Choose the best strategies to accomplish your goals by using weapons, surveillance or shields to fortify your defenses.

MoonBase Commander is a simple to learn but difficult to master turn-based strategy game. Featuring multiple and unique opposing factions, bright graphics, a tight narrative and a variety of customizable terrains. Battle against the challenging AI or your friends via LAN multiplayer.

  • One of the purest and most engrossing classic sci-fi games of all time. Simple rules, endless strategies. 
  • A bitter battle for territory with a perfect blend of skill and turn based strategy. 
  • Set your own challenge level in a fully customizable skirmish mode. 
  • Take on your friends on in the ultimate multiplayer LAN battle. 
  • Customize your battlefields with the built-in map editor.

Note: Multiplayer available via LAN only.

YouTube Videos

Moonbase Commander: Impenetrable Fortress 10/20/21
March 11, 2022
Moonbase Commander: Returning To The King 9/22/21
September 29, 2021
Moonbase Commander - Challenge Mode - DeWulf IV:...
June 15, 2019

Critic Reviews

80 / 100
"Combines classic arcade fun with some real time strategy elements, creating a game that not only is fun but makes you think about how you're going to play this next move."
80 / 100
"A solid and extremely fun game that will probably be overlooked by many in favor of more high-profile titles. It's a shame really, because Moonbase Commander's simple focus and...
72 / 100
"A deceptively simple overhead strategy game only slightly comparable to "Scorched Earth."... My only real disappointment with [it] is the limited range of weapons."
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