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About Neo Cab

About this game

Neo Cab is a visual novel about emotional survival in an automated world.

You play as Lina, the last human cab driver. It’s your very first night driving the lonely streets of Los Ojos, and your best friend has just disappeared.

Is she in grave danger... or just the flakiest friend ever? Either way, now you need to find cash, a place to crash, and some answers.

Your only leads are the diverse cast of characters you pick up in your cab, but getting them to open up isn’t always easy. The anarchist punks don’t trust you, the corporate yuppies don’t see you, and the cops won’t leave you alone. But if you can balance honesty, empathy, and your own emotional health, you might just learn their secrets.

Can you survive late-stage capitalism long enough to save your friend?


Every pax is a puzzle. Whether you like them or not, everyone has their own story to tell.

Lina’s best course for survival is to keep driving. Piece together what has happened to Savy as you help Lina navigate the city grid.

Each passenger interaction will affect Lina’s mood; as her emotions become more intense, some choices will be taken away, while other choices will be unlocked.

Neo Cab features a branching narrative with pax stories written by Leigh Alexander, Kim Belair, Bruno Dias, Duncan Fyfe, Paula Rogers & Robin Sloan.

YouTube Videos

Neo Cab Gameplay (Pc Game Part 1)

October 03, 2019

Neo Cab Apple Arcade game 10 minutes gameplay

March 08, 2020

Gaming ASMR - Neo Cab - Semi Inaudible Whispering

July 24, 2021

Critic Reviews

80 / 100
"Neo Cab manages to interweave a well-built cyberpunk dystopia with a cast of memorable characters, delivering an impactful story-driven experience."
70 / 100
"Neo Cab might suffer from inconsistencies and presentation issues in some places, but as a depiction of a near-future society corrupted by tech fetishization, and an...
85 / 100
"Neo Cab leaves the illusion of having met someone, human beings in virtual disguise. Chance Agency has hit the spot, simulating that humanity that wanted to praise."
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