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Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [BLUE]

Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [BLUE]
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About Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [BLUE]

About this game

More Pretty Girls!! Can you solve the puzzle?
Enjoy the newest installment in the Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire universe!
Clear the tiles to reveal Pretty Girls in sexy costumes!
Do you have what it takes to clear all the tiles for your Pretty Girl surprise?!

■ Classic Mahjong Solitaire rules
Find pairs of tiles to delete them.
Delete all tiles before time runs out to clear a round.
Think strategically when deleting tiles, or you might run into a dead end!

This time with over 60 patterns of tiles.
The tiles get shuffled every time you play, making it fun to play again and again.

■ Pretty Girls are waiting for you to come play!
Five characters appear in this game.
Once you make it to the third round, a girl in a sexy costume begins to reveal herself as you delete tiles...
As you clear stages, the girls get sexier and sexier!
All characters have recorded voices!

■ Character Introductions
• Yu Kunakawa
Student council president with a responsible and serious personality.

• Ohka Sakuraka
She's tall and preeminent in style, loves cute and sweet things.

• Asahi
A serious, kind and solid person. Homely and good at housework.

• Neit
A goddess of love and high-ranking status with tremendous power.

• Riche
Although feared as a demon king, she is actually quiet, kind and devoted.

※This is a puzzle game with sexy characters (no nudity). Characters and character images used under license from their respective owners.

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