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Quick Race

Quick Race
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About Quick Race

About this game

Everything you need to do is very simple – just race and over take every other car on the track to win the race! Quick Race is a simple racing game where you can compete with AI or on a split screen with your friend.
Main features included in the game:

  • 10 tracks with different shapes and surfaces
  • ability to change time of the day
  • ability to change AI difficulty
  • different types of cars
  • split screen
  • changeable amount of laps
  • simple steering

Quick Race is definitely not the simulation game but the steering is made to imitate as much as possible the real steering. Remember to be a nice driver to the other cars. Otherwise they won’t be nice to you causing you to end a race on a wall or out of the track. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the key and put it into your racer’signition!

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