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Road to Ballhalla

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Road to Ballhalla
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About Road to Ballhalla

About this game

Rhythm-driven Gameplay

Move with the music to overcome even the most difficult hazards, like laser beams or insane camera angles trying to explode both your balls and your brain.

Dynamic Music and SFX

The dynamic music by Emmy-nominated composer Nicholas Singer is tailored to the rhythm and style of each level, with sound effects adjusting to the level's music. Without it, you'd fail even harder.

Epic Storyline

Not included. Instead, be guided by floor texts that make fun of you when you fail and drop awful puns even if you unexpectedly don't.

Scavenger Hunt

Discover secret areas that lead to other secret areas which in turn lead to other secret areas1. You get the idea, and maybe even the rainbow that awaits you at the end of the treasure. Probably you'll just google it though.


Replay levels in Rush mode as fast as you can and prove that you are a good person by beating other players' highscores.

Style your Balls

Be rewarded with awesome bonus contents like tasty new colors2 and trail effects for your balls.

Did you just Twitch?

Enable Twitch integration and let the game mock not only you, but also your audience.

Workshop Integration (coming soon!)

Community levels are probably better anyways - create and share your own challenges with the level editor, available a few weeks after launch.

1 May contain traces of you going nuts.
2 gluten-free

YouTube Videos

January 21, 2019
Roll Playing Game - Road to Ballhalla gameplay -...
June 20, 2015
Think Fast: Marble Beat (Road to Ballhalla)
November 18, 2017

Critic Reviews

God is a Geek
Chris Hyde
8 / 10
"If you can take the difficulty on the chin, you'll experience a broad range of top-notch puzzles, that are well-executed and overlaid with a cheeky, playful tone. Rolling a...
Sarah Marchant
80 / 100
"Road to Ballhalla is an insanely difficult rhythmic puzzler. It’s enjoyable and agonizing in equal measure, tossing a variety of trials at you then teasing you when you don’t...
New Game Network
Stephen LaGioia
74 / 100
"A great union of retro flare and novel concepts, strengthened by solid mechanics and some great music, Road to Ballhalla is sure to provide many with at least some...
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