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About Rugby Champions

About this game

Rugby Champions brings the thrill and physicality of rugby right to your fingertips. Fight for every meter of ground in the most intense rugby game ever. Guide your team to glory and create history to become the Rugby Champions.

Main Features include:

Dynamic Gameplay

  • Gameplay that flows like a real life rugby match

Unique Gameplay

  • Unlimited possibilities mean no two games are the same

Slo-mo Kicking*

  • Slow mode kicking enables placement of pinpoint punts, bombs, chips, and grubbers

Slick Passing

  • Slick passing system makes cut out balls and offloads easy


  • Realistic ball retention and turnovers at rucks

5 Difficulty Modes

  • Ranging from arcade-style to a true simulation experience

Features the 2019 tournament format

  • Advanced AI provides a genuine challenge to suit any skill level
  • Detailed statistics for matches, players, and competition leaders.
  • Half lengths ranging from 7 to 40 minutes
  • Customise team players and jerseys
  • Share rosters with other gamers
  • Full Match Replays let you re-watch entire games.

YouTube Videos

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August 13, 2022
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December 01, 2019
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