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Seed Hunter 猎源

Seed Hunter 猎源
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About Seed Hunter 猎源

About this game

Seed Hunter is Roguelite Action Game. In this game, we try our best to make handcraft animation, Chinese Style gameplay design, rich items, and weapon alternatives in this game.

Axe, Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Great Sward, Sward, Kunai, and Bow. We provide you with 37 different weapons in 7 types.

For each weapon, you will have different skills. If you like it, why not make it stronger and play it in the way you like it!

In our new version, we design two different skill trees. From now on, you can add some skills from your base and that will make you stronger in your next adventure.

For your adventure, we design more than 100 different skill cards which give you unlimited playable style making you the strongest hunter we saw.

Like our favorite game Cuphead, we use the same handcraft animation in Seed Hunter.

We make every jump and slash by ourselves from scratch. We wish it can give you a splendid gaming experience.

YouTube Videos

Seed Hunter Game Play
June 17, 2020
Do NOT Use The MOTHMAN Seed in Minecraft..
August 31, 2020
Seed Hunter PC Gameplay
May 27, 2020
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