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Shelter: The Heart Edition

Shelter: The Heart Edition
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Edition: The Heart Edition
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About Shelter: The Heart Edition

About this game

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Shelter 2

Experience the wild as a mother badger sheltering her cubs from harm. On their journey they get stalked by a bird of prey, encounter perils of the night, river rapids crossings, big forest fires and the looming threat of death by starvation.

Food is to be found, but is there enough for everyone? You will learn that the cubs need food not just to survive, but to enable them overcome the varying challenges they will face as they make their way through the world.

Are you ready for a truly different adventure, something that might evoke feelings you've never felt in a game before? In the wild, all living creatures are put to the test. The question in the end is who will survive to live another day?

Retro Family have once again composed a beautiful soundtrack to an original and graphically innovative setting in a world of nature where shelter is your only hope and survival your only goal.

Shelter 2
The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness. That is central in Shelter 2, and one of the reasons we chose to make a game about a Lynx. They are in middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra.

The game follows the life of a mother lynx, starting as a pregnant animal, giving birth and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her cubs is paramount for survival. Shelter 2 includes more elaborate gameplay features than its predecessor, such as stamina, different types of movements, jumps and a variety of prey to kill. Besides hunting there are several maternal and hunting features, such as calling the cubs closer, smell for prey, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying your cubs from harm’s way.

A vast wilderness awaits

Environments in Shelter 2 are much bigger than its predecessor and allow a lot more freedom than ever before, allowing players to find favorite spots to return to. This time weather and seasons change, harsh winters and bloomy summers awaits you!

The music is once again presented by Retro Family, awarded for their work on the Pid Soundtrack, and the visuals have been reinvented by adding dense atmosphere and lighting to the patterned graphical art style.

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Release Date:
March 09, 2015
Might and Delight
Might and Delight
Supported Languages:
English +
Single Player
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