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About Splasher

About this game

Splasher is a 2D platformer with unique arcade/action gameplay. It offers gamers challenges that require agility, speed and fast reflexes, and is set in a crazy cartoon universe.

The Splashers are in great danger! The quiet and peaceful workers from Inkorp are being led to their doom by the greedy Docteur, the paint factory's evil boss.

A young hero rises to fight for what's right. Armed with a splatter cannon, he launches an attack in order to save the Splashers and stand up to the dictator. His amazing paint cannon grants him color superpowers

    Use different paint colors to stick to walls and roofs, bounce high in the air, and trick your opponents.

    Brave the traps and beat the gigantic factory's security devices. Learn from your mistakes to find the best path and get the best time in order to perfect the level.

    Challenge gamers from around the globe with your best times, and share your scores on the leaderboards.

Splasher is the latest project from Romain Claude, former Game Designer and Level Designer at Ubisoft (Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends). He gathered a small, talented team, including Richard Vatinel a.k.a Gromy, Art Director, and Aymeric Schwartz, composer and sound designer (Absolver, Rayman Origins or Valiant Hearts), to create Splasher. The game was also developed in partnership with famous speedrunners.

YouTube Videos

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November 03, 2016
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January 31, 2019
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December 31, 2020

Critic Reviews

Critic Review Score  
(28 Reviews)
Reviews provided by OpenCritic
God is a Geek
8 / 10
"If you love a challenge, and appreciate fantastic level design, this is most definitely for you."
Slant Magazine
"Much like an actual modern-day factory, Splash Team's Splasher abides by an assembly-line philosophy."
9 / 10
"It's safe to say that Splasher ticks all the right boxes in all the right places. It has the potential to be the next big thing in platforming – I urge you, if you're a fan of...
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