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About Starfield

About this game

It's been 25 years since fans of Bethesda got a new universe to explore, but the wait is over! In Starfield, players will explore the far reaches of space in the year 2330 as they join Constellation, the last group of space explorers looking for rare artefacts throughout the galaxy. 

Always In Control

Like Bethesda's other best-selling titles, you have control. Female, male, blonde, brunette... it's all customisable! How the characters look and who they are is up to you. 


In Starfield, the planets offer many resources to collect so that you may upgrade your gear and modify your weapons to be battle-ready for the next big fight!

Make It Yours

Characters aren't the only customisable in Starfield, as it wouldn't be a complete galactic experience without a vessel. Not only will you be able to customise the exterior and interior of your spaceship, but also upgrade it so that it's ready to take straight into real-time space combat! 

The Galaxy Is Yours

Once you've made your character and readied your ship, it's time to explore the countless planets and environments available! From rocky moon surfaces to colourful and strange wildlife: Starfield invites everyone to explore the over 1,000 planets!

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