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About Steelrising

About this game

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The product will be delivered on purchase.

Preorder now to receive the Marie-Antoinette outfit for Aegis and gain access to a closed beta from 25 August.

Steelrising is an action RPG title where Louis XVI's ruthless tactics and merciless bloodshed turned the French Revolution in his favour. As a last-ditch effort, world-renown Jacques de Vaucanson has activated his masterpiece — the robot Aegis — and now she must win the war single-handedly.

Live Through the French Revolution

Live through the re-imagining of the French Revolution, where Louis XVI paints the streets red with his army of ruthless automatons. Jacques de Vaucanson decides to fight fire with fire and utilises Aegis — his mechanical masterpiece, created to be the queen's bodyguard — to turn the tides of battle. Convene with some of the most iconic historical figures in the French Revolution and figure out whether they are your friend or foe.

Explore A Unique Take on Paris

Use everything at your disposal to explore the innermost corners of Paris; travel through carriages, use grappling hooks, and find hidden passages scattered throughout the map. Combining your grappling hook and dash, you'll be able to explore the city of Paris vertically, adding a whole new layer of exploration. 

Turn Aegis Into Your Killing Machine

As Jacques de Vaucanson's masterpiece, Aegis can be upgraded and customised to take advantage of numerous forms of combat. Choose between a wide array of weapons and skills to modify Aegis to your liking, turning her into a ruthless fighter, a heavy-hitting tank, a deadly dancer, or a virtuoso of the elemental arts; your style, your choice. 

Engage in Fast-Paced Battles Between Automatons

Aegis is tasked to win the war single-handedly, and to do so, she'll have to face masses of the king's automatons. Every fight will require discipline and patience, as both sides are calibrated for perfection. The smallest of mistakes can lead to defeat; dodge, parry, and jump through the gargantuan mechanical soldier's attacks with expert precision in order to reign victorious over them. With each defeat, you will grow stronger, and through every victory, you will win the war.

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