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About this game

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, sake control of a cat that has been separated from its family and is now roaming the desolate streets of a dystopian city in Stray. Venture into the neon-lit streets of the decaying metropolis and engage in conversation with the world's strange inhabitants.

Explore the World from a New Perspective

We've explored numerous cyberpunk cities and dystopian environments, but never have we embarked into these unexplored lands from the point of view of a cat! Roam through the streets, sneak through the rooftops, and venture through the city with feline agility. 

Be a Cat

It's time to be a cat and engage in cat-like activities: scratch trees to mark your territory, stealth and sneak up on unsuspecting civilians, and use your feline abilities like meowing to lure patrols out of the path you wish to traverse. Engage in overall kitten silliness and be as annoying as possible to the city's citizens.

A Haunting Tale

While in search of your family after being separated from them, befriend a flying drone named B-12. Together with your floating companion, roam through the streets of the city and search for a way out of the desolate land. 


Twitch Video Streams

🐈First Playthrough🐈 ❗❗NO SPOILERS❗❗ ♡ !moving !social

[1 Year Anniversary] The Undying Last Stream...

Last Stream Before Trip!!! First Playthru (Stray...

Critic Reviews

90 / 100
"A lusciously dense world of natural beauty colliding with cyber-future grimness is ready to be explored from a uniquely tiny perspective. Stray tells a surprisingly emotional...
50 / 100
"Stray captures the cat experience perfectly, but is bogged down by boring platforming mechanics and an unengaging narrative experience which leaves the game feeling dull."
70 / 100
"Stray is a heartfelt, passionate and fascinating game that, sadly, suffers from oversimplification in terms of gameplay. The exceptional art direction and pleasant plot,...
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