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SuperPower 2 Steam Edition

SuperPower 2 Steam Edition
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About SuperPower 2 Steam Edition

About this game


The Story:

SuperPower 2 is the only global geopolitical simulation game which allows players to control entire countries. Players control countries in 3 major areas: political, economic and military, but this time, in a beautiful real-time 3D environment. Players build up their own countries and increase their influence in the broader world while competing against sophisticated A.I. Along the way, gamers make use of economic sanctions, political alliances, and military actions to wage their battles. SuperPower 2 offers the ability to fine-tune each country's performance, from creating or breaking treaties, to making tactical decisions in particular military conflicts.

Key Features:

  • 193 real countries all playable & equipped with realistic data drawn from the CIA World Factbook, the United Nations and U.S. Military databases. 
  • Sophisticated A.I. designed to realistically simulate each country. 
  • Real-life combat situations, with multiple forces joining and leaving battles as the balance of power shifts. 
  • Real-time gameplay and Modular units building. 
  • Solo scenarios and "sandbox mode", as well as full Multiplayer support for up to 32 players in a variety of styles, including world domination, economic master, and many others

SuperPower 2 Steam Edition Features:

  • 14 steam achievements 
  • New internet matchmaking library, and modified the UI flow in the multiplayer menus 
  • Updated the code to support new OS 
  • Widescreen Resolution support 
  • Editor and Full SDK included

Gameplay Changes:

  • Capital ships needed for invasions from the sea. They need to be within 750km of the region you're trying to invade. 
  • Enemy fleets must be further than 1500km of your invasion fleet when trying to invade a region from the sea. 
  • The AI will take diplomatic relations into account and will decide whether or not to annex regions under it's military control now. 
  • Economy: GTM limited to 30%, sectortax at 70%. 
  • Diplomacy: embargo treaties result in a drop in relations. 
  • Combat Radius has been enlarged to make frontlines easier to make. 
  • AI: allies will make more rational decisions when there is war. If you can handle it yourself, they won't help. 
  • Peaceful Annexation: depending on population support in both nations, you now have more or less chance of peacefully annexation a nation. 
  • 95 and the nations involved need at least one religion or language in common.

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