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Sword of the Samurai

Sword of the Samurai
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About Sword of the Samurai

About this game

Enter Japan in the age of warring states. At the center of this role-playing, action-adventure simulation of combat, statesmanship and intrigue, you are a samurai warrior struggling for honor. More important than life itself, honor is crucial to achieving your ultimate goal: unifying feudal Japan under your noble rule.

Game Features:

  • Computer-controlled opponents make decisions based on your actions - and on the actions of other rival characters. 
  • Furious melee action against multiple warriors takes place in castles, villages and rice paddies. 
  • Vindicate yourself in duels against rivals who would like nothing better then to diminish your Honor. 
  • Feel the drama and immediacy of real-time battles involving infantry, cavalry and muskets on battlefields that vary with every conflict. 
  • Untie all 48 warring provinces in common allegiance to you, and earn the title of shogun, military ruler of all Japan. 
  • Fun and Easy to control! 
  • Four skill levels, plus other starting options 
  • An ingenious system of menus, animation and text windows - pioneered by MicroProse in Pirates! - conveys the detail of text with the fun of graphics and animation. 
  • Authentic Japanese music and graphics powerfully evoke the mood of Sixteenth century Japan.

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