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The Fabled Woods

The Fabled Woods
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About The Fabled Woods

About this game

A Visitor? God, it’s been so long since I’ve had company… Ahem. Hello there. Not a lot of folks come to visit, especially in light of everything that’s happened in these parts.

You see, I came here to find someone who went missing long ago. Someone I thought I might find amongst these trees. That someone was my son. Explore the woods, see if you can try and make sense of this sorry mess. But I must warn you, there are things you may discover that will be difficult and strange to hear, but hear them you must.

Walk the path less travelled, and see what secrets hide among the trees...

Welcome to The Fabled Woods, a narrative adventure. Despite the picturesque beauty, ugly and terrible secrets lurk among the shifting boughs, darkness that no amount of dappled sunlight can erase. Take the first step, and experience an unforgettable journey.

  • Three intertwining narratives to be uncovered, piece by piece, as you hunt for clues as to what happened
  • Explore at your own pace in an experience built from the ground up for fans of the puzzle free, death free storytelling in games such as Gone Home and Firewatch
  • Fully voiced, hear the characters as they impart their tales of strange going ons and mystery to you, the player, all set in a living world built in Unreal Engine technology

Game Details

Release Date:
March 25, 2021
CyberPunch Studios
Headup Games
Supported Languages:
English +
Steam Achievements

Product Requirements


  • Storage: 6 GB available space


  • Storage: 6 GB available space

YouTube Videos

The Fabled Woods: Demo (Steam Autumn Festival)

October 11, 2020

Blinded by the Red Light | Fabled Woods | Demo

April 03, 2021

The Fabled Woods

March 30, 2021
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