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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
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About The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

About this game

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in a dramatic yet charming and witty world of evidence-gathering, deduction, and courtroom battles with your The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Steam PC key. In this adventure double-pack, you'll take on the role of rookie lawyer Ryunosuke in 19th century Japan and England, and enjoy five murder-mystery episodes filled with all the drama, laughs, twists, and 'turnabouts' you’ve come to expect from the legally labyrinthine legacy of Ace Attorney.

Join Ryunosuke Naruhodo, ancestor of series mainstay Phoenix Wright, as he attempts to uncover the secrets behind an international criminal conspiracy and solve a hauntingly baffling cold case while tackling a series of tricky trials along the way.

Dozens of hours of attorney action await you in this 19th-century court.

In each action-packed case, you'll speak to witnesses, examine evidence and clues, and attempt to deduce the dastardly intent behind the crime before proceeding to the courtroom. In court, you will hear testimonies, cross-examine witnesses, and present evidence.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ace Attorney game if you couldn't shout “OBJECTION!” when you know you've got the facts and evidence needed to contradict the prosecution’s claims and prove your client’s innocence.

The game includes a convenient assistance feature in case you hit a dead-end in your investigation, so even if this is your first Ace Attorney game, you can get into your amateur sleuthing adventures with ease! Will you be able to crack these clever cases? The game is afoot!


  • Adventure double-pack of gripping courtroom fun.
  • Prequel to the hit Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
  • Assistance feature to help with tricky court cases and evidence.

Game details

PEGI rating of 12
Release Date:
July 27, 2021
Ace Attorney
Supported Languages:
Single Player
Full controller support

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Critic Reviews
Critic Review Score  
(98 Reviews)
Reviews provided by OpenCritic
Game Informer
Game Informer
8.3 / 10
"The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles offers an entertaining package with two closely connected games that delight in their over-the-top fashion and inclusion of a certain famous...
"All of it comes together in a finale that ties everything neatly together and, even compared to its predecessors, simply astounds in the sheer audacity of who and what exactly...
9 / 10
"The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles as a unified duology really captures everything that draws players into this series in the first place. It’s got big reveals and turnabouts,...
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A great game!
Posted: 3 months ago
Verified purchase
Game is good! is a visual novel style game, very good writing memorable characters and a lot of twist and turns to keep you entertained, it gets a little slow at times with all the exposition, but is a visual novel after all, also it can be a little frustrating when you already know the answer to a puzzle or mystery but the game hasn't got there but those are the only minor problems that I had everything else is amazing!
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Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is not only a return to form for the series, it is in my opinion the best game(s) in the franchise! A story so carefully planned throughout 10 cases, each being of great importance to the plot, and with a such a charming colourful cast of characters, it is truly a marvel to play though it. The investigation parts of the game has never been paced as well as here, also adding a new very fun minigame in the great Herlock Sholmes's Logic and Reasoning Spectacular absolutely stealing the show! The same goes for the court proceedings, now featuring a jury and multiple witnesses at once presenting their testimonies, making the game feel truly unique. The witnesses themselves have never been less annoying as well, in fact the whole cast of characters from more to less important ones have never been funnier and more charming. I applaud the phenomenal character and story writing that manages to beat the best entries in the Phoenix Wright's timeline, just as well as the new mechanics that reinvent the game a bit and make it feel fresh again!
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A fine selection with an "OBJECTION!"
Fanatical User
Posted: 2 months ago
Staff Review
A 19th-century court sets the scene in this adventure double-pack prequel to the modern-day classic Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Taking on the role of rookie lawyer Ryunosuke, you'll attempt to solve international criminal conspiracies through tricky trials in the courtroom. If you're not the sharpest lawyer or investigator and need a hand, the game has a cool assistance feature which will help unravel some clues if you get stuck. And, yes, even in 19th Century Japan, you'll still get to cry "OBJECTION!"
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Fanatical User
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
Have played previous Ace Attorney games. In my personal opinion, it is a fun game to pick up on.
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Posted: 15 days ago
Verified purchase
Super good story and soundtrack!
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