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The Waste Land

The Waste Land
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About The Waste Land

About this game

The Waste Land, inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem of the same name that is imbued with feelings of despair and lost innocence, puts players in the role of a fallen king who must find his way to right the wrongs caused by his own failings. Players explore a vast world across seven continents and meet memorable characters while fighting off twisted creatures to survive a hostile land - all in gorgeous 8-bit style.

In The Waste Land you are the King Zyron III, ruler of all the known lands, who’s actions on a an ordinary hunting trip cause a rip in the balance of nature. Creatures mutate sending your once loyal subjects into a state of fear and it is up to you to set things right. Seek out more powerful weapons and secret items to give you an edge while exploring the vast lands in your quest to take down five giant beasts to reset the balance of nature you upset.

Key Features:

  • “Metroidvania” style open world with over 15 hours of classic gameplay 
  • Find and collect hidden Upgrades, Secrets and Bonuses that boost stats and abilities 
  • Discover 10 deadly weapons, 5 swords and 5 arrow types, imbued with unique properties such as the Battle Sword, Chain Sword and Katana as well as the Fire, Bomb and Cursed Arrows 
  • Slay 5 giant twisted Bosses that include a mutated slug, colossal hornet and demented whale 
  • Encounter colorful characters in each town you discover 
  • Watch the ominous moon rise each night as the skies darken and light with the Day/Night cycle 
  • Explore vast maps across 7 continents, each with their own challenges to overcome

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