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The Yakuza Remastered Collection
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About The Yakuza Remastered Collection

About this game

Experience three kick-ass, classic action-adventure titles from SEGA with The Yakuza Remastered Collection now on Steam PC.

Celebrate Kazuma Kiryu's saga with the beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4, and 5. With restored content and updated localization in 1080p and 60fps, experiencing the Kamurocho nightlife never looked this good.

A year after the Kanto-Kansai all-out war, Kazuma Kiryu and Haruka Sawamura have left the unforgiving streets of Kamurocho for the island of Okinawa to run the Morning Glory Orphanage. Despite his efforts, shadows of Kiryu's past threaten to entangle the Morning Glory Orphanage in a deadly power struggle involving the Tojo Clan and political world.

Thus begins a dramatic tale set in the 'sleepless city' of Kamurocho in Tokyo and the tropical lands of Okinawa. Can Kiryu rescue the children of the orphanage from the looming threats emerging from the depths of the underworld and state power?

Take the battle to the streets and pick up objects to use as weapons, and land devastating attacks to finish your enemies off with Heat Actions. Use experience points gained as Kiryu levels up to unlock more Heat Actions and upgrades.

2010, Tokyo. A shooting incident one night in a red-light district sets the city swirling with human desires and clamor.

It was supposed to be a 'common incident' for this town... until the appearance of one woman burdened with sorrow. As if drawn to a flame, men of the city's dark underground are gathered, one after another, at the door of the 'Legendary Yakuza' Kazuma Kiryu.

As the fates of these four men overlap, the story of a miracle created by the passionate and violent way of life begins to take shape.

Take control of multiple protagonists, a first for the series, allowing for unprecedented story depth and battle action. Three new protagonists, each with a rich personality, will leave their impact before the story concludes.

In December 2012, Kazuma Kiryu left his past as a 'Legendary yakuza' and his place of peace in Okinawa. He now spends his days as a cab driver in a corner of Fukuoka's red-light district, hiding his true identity. All for the sake of fulfilling the 'dream' of an important person.

However, a disturbing atmosphere begins to drift through the supposedly well-balanced society of the Kanto and Kansai yakuza, emerging as a plot to drag all of the yakuza organizations in Japan to war.

In order to protect the dreams of his loved one, Kiryu is drawn into the vortex of battle once again. This is the story of four men and a girl chasing their dreams in five major cities in Japan, presented on the largest scale of the series yet.

Take control of five playable characters -  Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama, Taiga Saejima, and Haruka Sawamura and the newly introduced Tatsuo Shinada.

Experience evolutionary changes to the combat system, with unique battle styles for each playable character. Bring an abrupt end to your opponent and unleash a 'Heat Climax' - a showdown move that will turn the tide of battle.

New to the combat system is Revelation, a sudden and powerful attack triggered in the midst of a fight.

Don't clench your fists, just shake those hips and take down opponents with flair and finesse in Dance Battles. Enter Sotenbori and take on opponents in a variety of Dance Battle styles including Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Rock and Idol.

Take a break from hard-fought battles with a whole host of fun mini-games. You'll get to relax in the city by partaking in games such as Bowling, Sea Fishing, Mahjong, Blackjack, Karaoke, and much more!


  • Yakuza 3 Remastered.
  • Yakuza 4 Remastered.
  • Yakuza 5 Remastered.

Game details

ESRB rating of 17
PEGI rating of 18
Release Date:
January 28, 2021
Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Supported Languages:
English +
Single Player
Full controller support

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3 Games, 1 Worth Price
Posted: 3 months ago
Verified purchase
If you already immerse with the storyline from previous entries that is Yakuza 0, Kiwami & Kiwami 2, you'll like how Kiryu's journey will take off for 3 sequels after Kiwami 2 and building up for his final appearance as main character in Yakuza 6. Honestly, these bundle absolutely worth it instead buying it separately. So, this is recommended for those want to completing the series collection and want to play three of the series immediately.
Did you find this review helpful?
mastered game
Posted: 3 months ago
Verified purchase
One of the best games based on the yakuza
Did you find this review helpful?
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
It is three games for cheap. Good value for money then. 4 and 5 are great games, got the Yakuza flavour down. 3 has aged badly though.
Did you find this review helpful?
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
It's by far one of the best series of open world games you can get your hands on.
Did you find this review helpful?
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
One of the best sega games that I have played on pc. These games have the best storylines and chracters. This is an open world game which gives you alot sides quest to do that are well done missions. There is also mini games that you can play. I would rate this game a 10/10.
Did you find this review helpful?
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