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Train Simulator 2022

Train Simulator 2022
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About Train Simulator 2022

About this game


Take to the tracks and control powerful iconic locomotives from around the world. Master complex operations on the BR Class 323, DB BR 429.1, Amtrak's Acela, and more as you deliver passengers and freight to their destinations with a packed timetable of real-world services and scenarios. Whatever you love about trains, Train Simulator 2022 lets you take your hobby to the next level.

Northeast Corridor: Washington DC - Baltimore

Train Simulator’s Northeast Corridor: Washington DC – Baltimore route extends from Washington, DC, 41 route miles north to Baltimore, where iconic Baltimore Penn Station rests near the north portal of the B&P Tunnel. This route features realistic locomotives and equipment, including Amtrak's ACS-64 and Acela. Amtrak's prestigious Acela Express has been enhanced with additional improvements to audio, in-cab signalling and further engineering to improve line-side signalling for Train Simulator 2022.

Frankfurt - Koblenz

The 80-mile Frankfurt – Koblenz route serves a mix of regional and intercity traffic, and covers the Picturesque Linke Rheinstrecke from Koblenz Hbf to Mainz Hbf and Historic Mainbahn from Mainz Hbf to Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. Conduct services here in the strikingly branded SÜWEX (Südwest-Express) DB BR 429.1 FLIRT 3 as well as the DB 411 ICE T, DB BR 185.1 and more. Alongside Train Simulator 2022, the Frankfurt - Koblenz route signalling has been completely re-engineered along with more detailed scenery to offer a more realistic experience.

Birmingham Cross City Line: Lichfield – Bromsgrove & Redditch

Take control of the BR Classes 323, 350/1, 350/2 and 350/3 along the 37-mile Cross City Line from Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove & Redditch via Birmingham New Street. Be ready to tackle the famed Lickey Incline, the steepest sustained main-line railway gradient in Great Britain; 1:37.7 for two miles between Bromsgrove and Barnt Green. The Birmingham Cross City Line has been re-engineered with improvements to scenery and new licensed brands on the BR Class 323 for Train Simulator 2022.


Train Simulator 2022's loading times have now been dramatically improved with feedback from our amazing community over the last year. Routes now load and perform better than ever before!


The unparalleled authenticity of the locomotives in Train Simulator 2022 means you are truly in control. Manage your engine, passengers, safety systems, signalling and much more from the comfort of the cab, with control boards that perfectly re-create the operations of real trains.


Enter the TS Academy and begin your career as a virtual train driver or engineer. Whether it’s Electric, Diesel or Steam you will learn to operate some of the world’s most amazing rail-bound machines.


Use the Train Simulator Editor to build living worlds with easy-to-use comprehensive tools. Create your own railway and share with other players with the Steam Workshop or check out the thousands of community creations already available with comprehensive in-game search functions.


Build a dream set of routes, locomotives, trains, route extensions, and rolling stock with a vast array of content on the Steam store. With hundreds of add-ons available, whatever your interest, you’ll find something new to expand your collection at your own pace.

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