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Two Point Hospital
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About Two Point Hospital

About this game

Design and build your own hospital!

Do you have what it takes to run a great hospital? Bring your A-game and help save lives in business simulation Two Point Hospital. With this Steam key, you’ll be tasked with building hospitals from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful (or functional) healthcare operation in Two Point County.

Optimize your hospital design to increase patient (and cash) flow, arranging corridors, rooms and waiting areas to your exact specifications. Expand your hospital to multiple buildings as you look to get as many patients through the door as possible.

Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to improve its prestige, lower patient boredom, increase happiness and keep those end of year awards flowing in.

If you’re expecting patients to walk through the door with broken bones and other well-known conditions, you’re sadly mistaken. In Two Point Hospital, you’ll be responsible for treating patients with some of the craziest, comical illnesses seen in a simulation game. From Light-headedness, where patients have lightbulbs for heads, to Mock Star, patients who think they’re the next Freddie Mercury, your hospital will need to build special treatment machines and train staff on how to deal with every unique situation.
Curing illnesses is only the beginning. Be sure to research improved cures and facilities to turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.

Begin your journey by curing the residents of a small harbor village before moving up to larger areas that require a hospital that works around the clock for its patients. Improve your facilities, upgrade machines, staff and layouts to make more money – as well as training and improving all of your staff to unlock new skills and abilities for better efficiency.

Only the best hospitals work behind the scenes to see where their strengths lie, and where they must improve for financial and health gains. Use the extensive statistic and information screens to analyse and adjust the price of your treatments, keep an eye on your turnover, take out loans and optimize earnings.

Having the right staff is vital, and so is making sure that their needs are met and that they’re fully trained and qualified for any given task. Manage your staff, who all have unique personality types and traits, and keep an eye on who’s getting the job done. Players will need to balance their workforce and their ambitions to make a safe and profitable hospital.


  • Business simulation fun
  • Crazy, quirky illnesses to cure
  • Multiple hospitals to improve via challenges
  • A loving, nostalgic tribute to Theme Hospital

Game details

Release Date:
August 29, 2018
Two Point Hospital
Two Point Studios
Supported Languages:
English +
Single Player
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Critic Reviews
Critic Review Score  
(122 Reviews)
Reviews provided by OpenCritic
"Two Point Hospital has a terminal case of total brilliance."
PC Gamer
PC Gamer
87 / 100
"Two Point Hospital is a brilliant management game, regardless of nostalgia."
"Two Point Hospital makes no bones about returning to the foundations of Theme Hospital - and it makes plenty of improvements along the way."
User Ratings & Reviews
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User Rating
Average score from 11 ratings
83% of users would recommend this.
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Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
I really like 'Project Hospital', and even before that, I used to play 'Theme Hospital' in highschool... now both of those games are really good, and 'Two Point Hospital' (TPH) is very good as well. TPH is a clearly bigger budget, more ambitious hospital-sim game, with better graphics and a much less 'hands on approach' than Project Hospital, but TPH is much more expensive, and for some reason, even 3years after TPH was released, it's STILL being sold at 100% of the original price (my guess is that you've got SEGA to thank for that).
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Two Point Hospital Review
Sam Jones
Posted: 3 months ago
Staff Review
Easy to pick up and enough challenges to keep you on your toes, Two Point Hospital takes the much-loved structure of Theme Hospital and brings it into the modern gaming world, with quirky characters and crazy illnesses to cure. Once you've mastered one hospital, another is ready to be saved (we hope) as different requirements and objectives are needed each time to ensure that the hospital is running in tip-top condition.
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Posted: 2 months ago
Staff Review
The level and game complexity makes such a nice progression in this game. For old Theme Hospital lovers this game a must - think Theme hospital with new levels, new illnesses and modern graphics. Choosing to play for a quick 5 minute gaming 'fix' or to spend the night building your hospital empire - this game fits. Absolutely 5* --- and I've just found a Steam patch so you even play the old Theme hospital music on the hospital in-game radio station.
Did you find this review helpful?
Fanatical User
Posted: 12 days ago
Verified purchase
It captures the essence and feel of the venerable Theme Hospital, expanding and improving upon it and providing a new but familiar experience. The quirkiness of its predecessor without feeling too difficult or aggravating like that one could at times.
Did you find this review helpful?
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