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About UBERMOSH Collection

About this game

"UBERMOSH is an arcade game about cutting bullets with a sword, in a gun-filled cyberpunk mosh pit."

Like a pinball table or a coin-op arcade machine, UBERMOSH was made to give you a shot of adrenaline in a couple of minutes. Each time you play a new level is generated for you to beat your score in 90 seconds.

This collection contains the following games:

  • UBERMOSH Vol. 3
  • UBERMOSH Vol. 5
  • UBERMOSH Vol. 7
  • UBERMOSH: Original Soundtrack
  • UBERMOSH: Black
  • UBERMOSH: Omega
  • UBERMOSH: Santicide
  • UBERMOSH: Wraith

YouTube Videos

Ubermosh - Blade Saint

June 18, 2021

UBERMOSH:OMEGA - All Omega ranks

June 20, 2022

THE IMPOSSIBLE GAME!!! | Ubermosh Black | Zero...

June 05, 2017
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