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Uninvited: MacVenture Series

Uninvited: MacVenture Series
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About Uninvited: MacVenture Series

About this game

As you and your brother are driving in the dead of night, you swerve to avoid a mysterious object. Then the world goes black. When you come to, your car is wrapped around a tree, a storm is brewing and your brother has vanished. You leave the car, drawn to a Gothic mansion, believing the Victorian manor holds the key to your brother’s fate. You enter the mansion, finding yourself within a labyrinth filled with ghosts and demons. Each step brings you further into the unknown. Move quickly, since each second that passes threatens your sanity.

The original Macintosh AND Apple IIgs versions are here and welcome you, once again, into the haunted mansion! Come see where the world of first-person adventures started and experience the classic horror game as it appeared in 1986.

Uninvited: MacVenture Series Key Features

  • Two Original Versions: You get BOTH the Macintosh and Apple IIgs versions, restored to their original glory!
  • First Person Adventuring: Over 50 game rooms of horror adventure.
  • Drag and Drop: Utilize the classic, groundbreaking windows-based, drag and drop object system.
  • Puzzles: Tons of great puzzles.
  • Customized UI: Move the UI around to suit your needs and resize the retro graphics to full screen.
  • Save System: Save your progress at any time – create as many save points as you wish.

Game details

Release Date:
January 26, 2015
Supported Languages:
Single Player

YouTube Videos

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