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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
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About Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

About this game

The Skaven horde must be stopped, are you ready for battle?

Grab your Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Steam key and explore a world set in the iconic Warhammer Fantasy world, in this co-operative action first-person, shooter-melee combat adventure!

Set in and around the city of Ubersreik, players will control one of five brave heroes chosen to hunt down the rodent-men, Skavens. Each hero features different play-styles, abilities, gear and personality to the roster – meaning that there’s a character to suit each player’s ideal choice.
Make your way through dangerous levels and survive an apocalyptic invasion of relentless Skaven hordes. From the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire, stand your ground and help your brothers in arms.

Avoid a horrific death and fight as a team, your teamwork and ability to react quickly in sticky situations will be tested. With drop-in, drop-out multiplayer and the A.I bots able to fill vacant spot, you’ll always have a full team at your side, regardless of available players.

Each hero has their own unique weapons arsenal to choose from, hundreds in fact, allowing players to adjust their combat style to fit your gameplay preference. Swords, daggers, axes, hammers, bows, guns, magical staves – your armory has never looked so glorious.

Boasting 13 diverse levels – on the ground, in buildings, on walls and underground – ranging from the immense Magnus Tower to the treacherous Under Empire, Vermintide will take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

A rising tide of malicious and cunning rat-men await you, hacking, clawing and eviscerating all that stand in their way. Face vicious packs of clan-rats and deadly specialized elites.

Rewarding teamwork above all else, players are given loot dice at the end of a mission that will reward them with a weapon, a hat or a trinket. Completing side objectives means that better loot dice can be added to the roll.

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Critic Reviews

Critic Review Score  
(45 Reviews)
Reviews provided by OpenCritic
PC Gamer
PC Gamer
90 / 100
"Vermintide is a brilliant twist on the Left 4 Dead formula, and deserves much of the same praise heaped on Valve."
"A thrilling twist on Left 4 Dead's co-operative action, but minor balancing issues can make it hard to warm to at first."
7.2 / 10
"The use of different classes and the evocation of the Warhammer setting is enough to make Vermintide a competent twist on the Left 4 Dead formula, but it doesn't execute them...

User Ratings & Reviews

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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Review

Sam Jones
Posted: 5 months ago
Staff Review
It's so hard to not be charmed by Vermintide, what with its epic first-person combat with the Skaven - the grotesque rat men of the Warhammer Universe. Inspired by Left 4 Dead, Vermintide is the ideal co-op game for a night of Warhammer goodness with a friend.
Did you find this review helpful?

Great game I'm glad I have it.

Fanatical User
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
I only started the game but it's got a good feel to it. Since I only use linux, it's very important for me that the game runs fine on Steam, but you must start it without the launcher. If you like fantasy this game is a must have.
Did you find this review helpful?


Fanatical User
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
One of best game I played, recommeded to play.
Did you find this review helpful?


Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
it is very good looking and people should give it a try
Did you find this review helpful?


Fanatical User
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
Really fun coop game. Thanks Fanatical fot the free promo.
Did you find this review helpful?

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