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About this game

The young wizard Darius loses his house after he fails to make a loan repayment, and ends up living for free in the house of a wanted sorcerer! As he meets a female swordsman who has absolutely no sense of direction, and a plant girl who shrivels up immediately if she doesn't drink enough water, fate decrees to end up traveling together. Where will the quarrels over differing principles lead to?


  • Unleash continuous attacks with Limit Burst
  • Form partnerships with the Familiar Spirits
  • Speed up battles and adjust enemy encounters rate
  • Power up skills at the Magic Lab
  • Set fields, dousing areas, and side-job rooms to get items at the Magical Garden!
  • Explore towns and secret dungeons!
  • All the achievements you know and love, such as weapon strengthening, item crafting, catalogs, and the Arena!

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August 06, 2021

Wizards of Brandel ep 6

October 14, 2020
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