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Yupitergrad (Quest VR)
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About Yupitergrad (Quest VR)

About this game

This game is for Oculus/Meta Quest & Quest 2 VR devices, and will be redeemed via your associated Facebook/Meta/Oculus account. Full redemption instructions can be found here.

Yupitergrad is the plunger-driven kosmonaut game where you can swing through a space station with style all in cell-shaded graphics. Can you believe that grappling hooks is the definitive way of locomotion in a place like this? It's one of a kind experience, where the VR platformer meets puzzles in a single-player campaign, thrills in Time Attack mode, and freedom in Gymnasion Mode.

  • Indiana Jones-like navigation where you use grappling hooks and boosters? It's like a jam and peanut butter combination 
  • Campaign with over 50 levels, wacky plot and a dose of slavic humour and dad jokes; 
  • Time Attack mode where you swing through 50 arcade levels and with leaderboards;
  • Gymnasium mode - a place where you can swing and train crazy stunts;
  • Long list of energetic and atmospheric tracks;
  • Unique dieselpunk-in-space vibe; 
  • 120hz support on Oculus Quest 2.


[To start Gymnasium, use the console in the space capsule (the same place where you can start Time Attack Mode) or use the on-hand menu]

YouTube Videos

TIME ATTACK 11-20 - Yupitergrad | Part 7 Gameplay |...

July 05, 2021

TIME ATTACK 31-40 - Yupitergrad | Part 9 Gameplay |...

August 25, 2021

First Vr Video, “YupiterGrad” Time Attack

May 05, 2022
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