Better You - Mind, Body and Finances Build Your Own Bundle

Better You - Mind, Body and Finances Build Your Own Bundle

Better You - Mind, Body and Finances Build Your Own Bundle

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About this Bundle

With 17 all-new-to-Fanatical books, our new Better You-Mind, Body & Finances Build Your Own Bundle offers the perfect way to study just what aspects of your life you’d like to improve upon.   

Build a body that’s fit for function with Adaptive Training and then step it up a little with Functional Training and Beyond. See how physical fitness can improve mental clarity, focus and critical thinking with Functional Training for the Mind.

Bestselling author Karen Casey introduces; It's Up to You, a lifestyle change of mind practice that can really change your life outlook and Make Every Move a Meditation showcases award-winning author, Nita Sweeny’s take on mindful meditation & well-being insights. 

The wonderfully easy-to-read yet comprehensive; The Happiness Makeover guides us through overcoming stress and negativity and learning to become a happier more hopeful person.

Lose It Forever details the 6 habits of successful & permanent weight loss and for those of us perhaps struggling with self-esteem issues; The Courage to be Yourself is the latest edition guide to developing real emotional strength.

Money concerns affect us all, in one way or another; More Money Now is billed as the millennial's guide to Financial freedom & security but we can all learn from the wise words of Nicole Victoria’s book. Staying with finances, The Five Conversations About Money takes us through the first steps in learning to open up about money concerns and starting to make those positive changes.

With a foreword by Basketball legend Steve Kerr and praise for the author from the incomparable Phil Jackson, The Competitive Buddha takes a look at how to up our game in sports, leadership and life in general and using sport again as the metaphor; Trust the Grind is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, the way world-class athletes do.

One of the biggest gripes in the modern workplace is the dreaded work-life balance which too few of us can just never seem to get right, the Work-Life Balance Survival Guide will help you find that balance & create a flow that works for you and your situation.

With many of us not using the office like we used to; Your Work from Home Life details how to redefine, reorganise and reinvent your remote work so that those connections are still made and the job benefits all parties equally. Crucial life skills in the modern workplace.

All these and more lifestyle & life skills books are available for a limited time only, so grab exactly just what you want now. 

Supplied in PDF & ePUB format.