Build Your Own Digital Coloring Artbook Bundle 3

Build Your Own Digital Coloring Artbook Bundle 3

Build Your Own Digital Coloring Artbook Bundle 3

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About this Bundle

Now in its third edition, our hugely popular  Build Your Own Digital Coloring Artbook bundle is back, this time version 3 contains a stunning new collection of 40 New to Fanatical digital artbooks. Each art book has been crafted using AI-powered software and further enhanced by the artist through digital adjustments in Adobe Photoshop.

With a total of 8000 images within 40 art books, there’s sure to be something to get your creative mind racing. 

There’s a big animal theme throughout with Coloring Artbook - Cute butterflies, Coloring Artbook - Cute Foxes, Coloring Artbook - Fantasy birds, Coloring Artbook - Cyber animals, Coloring Artbook - Sea Animals and more and for the legions of cat lovers out there: Coloring Artbook - Cats in clothes will help you scratch that itch!

An interesting new concept is the stained glass look. Here are three new packs to get you hooked: Coloring Artbook - Stained glass animals and Birds, Coloring Artbook - Stained Glass Monsters and Coloring Artbook - Stained Glass People.

Other favourite styles such as Horror, Fantasy, Robots and Superheroes are all included together with various people packs, Mystical masks and Graceful Mandalas all designed for stress relief, a bit of a distraction from the daily grind or perhaps something more permanent with high-quality images that can be printed out and hand coloured or digitally painted. 

All this and so much more can be found within the Build Your Own Digital Coloring Artbook Bundle 3. Grab yourself a selection and bring out your true creative potential whilst relaxing. 

All packs come with the extended commercial licence meaning that you can print out or digitally color and alter them any way you choose. For pleasure, stress relief or original project commercial purposes.

*The digital assets are provided in both PDF and JPEG formats and can be used in your chosen creative software. Some example software is listed below, but others will also be available, or you can print the images and colour them by hand.

Software Name




iPhone /iPad


(Free version on mobile)





(Free to download)





Adobe Photoshop