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Build your own Slayer Bundle 6

Build your own Slayer Bundle 6

Build your own Slayer Bundle 6

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About this Promotion

The ever-popular Build your own Slayer Bundle returns, with myriad titles to massage your gaming needs.

Whether you have a taste for RPG, action, strategy, adventure, or even a little dystopian golf in Earth wastelands, there are worlds of escapism awaiting you.

Go all out in roguelike top-down shooter Blazing Beaks, get your kicks in the awesome SpeedRunners for an extreme and hilarious multiplayer speedfest, delve into the dark side and lead an army of undead in Iratus: Lord of the Dead, embrace more dark fantasy in Guild of Darksteel, and so many more top titles to choose from.

You’ll find PC games galore inside, so make your choice, fill your boots and grab those Steam keys now.