Build Your Own Unity and Unreal Game Music and Assets Bundle

Build Your Own Unity and Unreal Game Music and Assets Bundle

Build Your Own Unity and Unreal Game Music and Assets Bundle

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BYO Unity & Unreal Game Music & Assets Bundle

Our “Build Your Own” bundles allow you to choose just exactly which content you require, although at our top tier price point here, why wouldn’t you just go all in and get everything?

With 15 all new-to-Fanatical Music packs and 18 brand new Games Assets packs, the Build Your Own Unity & Unreal Game Music & Assets Bundle has everything you need to create an immersive gaming experience or to add original ambient music tracks to your gaming or music project. 

The Music packs included here take you to a world of tranquility and passive scenery such as Ambient Video Game Music – Farms,  Ambient Video Game Music – Estuary and Ambient Video Game Music – Desert Oasis as well as Fjords and fantasy worlds, then for when you are specifically looking at action or adventure game creation,  two products covering  Sci-Fi and for the role players amongst you, the Dungeon Depths RPG Music Collection and the Voxel Voyage - RPG Piano Music Collection as well as many other great new ambient sounds.

Designed to enhance your Unity & Unreal Game development projects, on the games assets side of the bundle, the artist has masterfully crafted an all new collection of Icons, Trading Card packs,  Creatures, Textures and more, with the innovation of AI software and beautifully enhanced using Photoshop and Lightroom to achieve the best aesthetic results. These assets are truly Next Gen in look and feel.

With 9 Icon packs, each with at least 100+ Icons: Unique & Unusual Potions - 100+ Icons,Unique & Unusual Food - 100+ Icons, Unique & Unusual Armour - 200+ Icons, Cinematic Spell Icons - Necromancer - 250+ Icons, Fire, Ice and Electric Icons packs and much more, there is something for every project here.

The Ultimate Fantasy Location Artwork Collection will take you into a world brimming with imagination and splendor with a collection of 300 meticulously crafted fantasy location artworks.

Prepare to captivate your players and immerse them in a world of stunning detail with the Ultimate Creature Artwork Collection

So whether you’re just adding content to your sounds collection or if you have a specific game or music project in mind, you’ll find an unbeatable selection of ambient music, piano music, game asset packs and more and with the enhancement that some AI generated imagery brings, this bundle is sure to bring your gaming development experience to the next level. Get it now and start building your own world!

Please note that all content is supplied as a 100% royalty free package with a licence that allows the customer to use the content that they then create, in commercial or private projects such as (but not limited to) online videos including YouTube, websites, music production, animations, games, films, etc.

For full license agreement please click here.

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