Dark Worlds Movie and Gaming Music Build your own Bundle

Dark Worlds Movie and Gaming Music Build your own Bundle

Dark Worlds Movie and Gaming Music Build your own Bundle

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About this Bundle

Discover original dark and moody Royalty Free Music tracks and effects that will turn your gaming and movie projects into gripping, astounding experiences with the Dark Worlds Movie & Gaming Music Build Your Own Bundle featuring 17 original and all new-to-Fanatical products!

Offered as a Build Your Own bundle, meaning that you can simply pick & choose which products fit your needs, you’ll be able to obtain stunningly creative audio tracks from talented composer Nicolas Jeudy, exploring a huge variety of sounds based around fantasy worlds with a dark twist.

Cyber Vampire Killer features 11 full  investigation and action tracks. giving you the dark movie feel you need for your projects. Freakshow will take you headfirst into madness with 9 dark circus and freak show style original compositions and Lunacy features an unusual 11 dark violin tracks to further add to the creepiness!

9 action and investigation tracks, inspired by thriller games and movie are found in the eerily named; Pandemic 

Shadows Guild Part 2 and Shadows Guild Part 3 take us through action and adventure games and movies

If you need music for your space game or cosmos movie; Starfield is what you need with 8 new tracks and a cool mix of calm and deep bass but if you’re working on a killer horror project, the fabulously named Slaughter at the lake contains 9 retro horror royalty free tracks inspired by 80s slasher movies!

Not enough horror in your life? 12 amazing tracks from the horror board game H(A)UNTED- Outlast by PANDEMONYUM. Original compositions from the original composer

All this and more in our new Dark Worlds Movie & Gaming Music Build your own Bundle

All tracks included are available in WAV/WMA and MP3 format. This premium license allows the use of the purchased track for every project you want without restriction.

Full license terms are included with each download.