Ice Cold Low Tempo Build Your Own Music Bundle

Ice Cold Low Tempo Build Your Own Music Bundle

Ice Cold Low Tempo Build Your Own Music Bundle

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About this Bundle

We’ve launched two new music assets bundles at the same time-Both are packed full of dynamic new music and sound content from the talented hand of Lee Davies and the Phat Phrog Studio, so like the Pokemon Red & Blue battles of old, let's see what you all prefer-Make your projects and games really stand out with the laid back and calming vibes of the Ice Cold Low Tempo Music Bundle with 20 packs including 18 all new-to-Fanatical releases, but be sure to check out it’s sister bundle the Fired up Action Build Your Own Music Bundle for those pumping action driven pulse vibes.

Choose just which packs you want to fit your projects or go all in and take all 20 packs & at this price point why wouldn’t you?  If you do that, there’s an awesome new bonus for you all*

Ambient music is key to game designing and all sorts of background applications for your multimedia projects and we have eight packs here including Ambience - Ice Caves 3 & 4, Ambient Video Game Music - Blizzards 3 & 4 as well as two Frozen Tundra packs and more. 

Peaceful Piano music with topics covering the Enchanted Forests - RPG Piano Music Collection and the Icebound Odyssey - RPG Piano Music Collection help set the tone with the relaxed vibe of LOFi music: Winter Whispers - LOFI Music Collection and the serene beats found in the Glacial Phoenix - RPG Piano Music Collection as well as many other cool and calming sounds.

We finish with Retrowave Racer: Synthwave Music Collection and the intriguingly titled Winter Spirits: RPG Music Collection. All these and more are available for a limited time

*Bonus content supplied with top tier purchase all 20 products, get these 5 unique  gaming artwork packs absolutely free: Cinematic Spell Icons - Ice, Cinematic Spell Icons - Aeromancer, Unique & Unusual Armour - 200+ Icons, The Ultimate Fantasy Locations Artwork Collection - 300 Locations and the Cinematic TCG Weapons Cards Collection - 150+ Weapons