Python Video Training Build your own Bundle

Python Video Training Build your own Bundle

Python Video Training Build your own Bundle

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About this Promotion

The Python programming language, its libraries and its modules are all widely used worldwide & a good understanding of how they all work is the foundation for a key career skill set. 

Video training offers in-depth yet simple, easy-to-follow tutorials paced to suit your requirements and this new Python Video Training Build Your Own Bundle is a collection of both introductory courses and a deeper learning path to subjects such as PySpark, and Pandas, using and integrating with AWS, Big Data & much more.

As with our other Packt Video bundles, we’re offering this as a Build Your Own Bundle, meaning that you can simply choose which videos you want to learn from and with 16 all-new-to-Fanatical video courses here, there’s much to dive into.

Master Python and OOP concepts and structure your programs like a professional with The Complete Python Course and discover expert tips for using Python 3 effectively with The Ultimate Python 3 Bootcamp

Machine Learning is one of the most obvious of Python programming disciplines & the Python Machine Learning Crash Course for Beginners will get you started.

Learn, build, and execute big data strategies with a whopping 50 Hours of Big Data, PySpark, AWS, Scala, and Scraping

Data Manipulation & Data Analytics are covered in depth with both the Data Manipulation in Python -Master Python, NumPy, and Pandas and the Data Analytics using Python Visualizations

Python A-Z: Learn Python Programming by Building 6 Projects teaches by constructing a set of routines in the form of a series of project builds

Discover all these easy-to-follow, yet highly detailed video training titles and more with all videos delivered in MP4 format. File sizes & download times will vary.