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Ukulele For Dummies - Interactive Educational Software

Ukulele For Dummies - Interactive Educational SoftwareUkulele For Dummies - Interactive Educational Software
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About Ukulele For Dummies - Interactive Educational Software

About this product

The Fast and Easy Way To Learn How to Play Ukulele!

eMedia Ukulele For Dummies for Windows delivers over 65 interactive ukulele lessons that teach you how to play ukulele and let you learn at your own pace. 40 high-definition videos demonstrate important ukulele techniques, and over 25 hit songs let you apply what you learn. Songs feature band accompaniment tracks that make practice fun, while MIDI tracks and looped playback let you slow down tracks and work on difficult sections. 

Professional ukulele player and instructor Tim Carey (Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA) guides you through easy-to-follow lessons that start with basics such as holding, stringing, and tuning the ukulele and then go on to teach how to play ukulele chords, use ukulele-specific strumming patterns, and much more! eMedia Ukulele For Dummies teaches you what you need to know to play hundreds of popular songs!


Features include:

  • Over 65 ukulele lessons covering how to string and tune your ukulele; how to play ukulele chords (including barre chords) and change chords easily; playing ukulele using syncopation, accents, and palm muting with a variety of strumming styles including the Blues Rhythm.
  • Animated Fretboard which displays fingering positions as the music plays.  Double-click on any note or chord for fingering. Choose right-handed, left-handed, and mirror view and select any of four different fretboard skins!
  • Songs and lessons with Music Tracking that highlights notes as they are played.
  • Song looping lets you highlight and repeat any section of music you wish to practice.
  • All lessons are presented at full-screen size!
  • Jam Tracks with professionally arranged audio accompaniments so you can play along with a band.
  • MIDI versions of songs and lessons that allow you to slow down or speed up the music.
  • Learn to play 25 hit songs including ""Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,"" ""House of the Rising Sun,"" ""Imagine,"" ""In the Good Old Summertime,"" ""La Bamba,"" ""Amazing Grace,"" ""Aura Lee,"" ""Hawaii Aloha (Ku’u One Hanau),"" ""Ua Nani ‘O Nu’uanu,""... and many more! Play with vocal mix or ukulele-only versions.
  • Great practice tools include eMedia’s Automatic Tuner for soprano ukulele, Chord Dictionary with fingering charts and audio playback for over 80 chords, Digital Metronome for improving rhythm, and an Audio Recorder to hear your performance and share with friends.
  • Great for all ages, from kids to adults.





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